Who We Are

Megdap Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd., is founded by two Microsoft guys (Meghashyam Karanam & Pradeep Parappil), each with more than 11+ years in Microsoft & more than 20+ years of overall industry experience each.

Megdap was founded with the singular goal of bridging the digital divide by creating an ecosystem for commerce that blends local relevance with a sustainable business model for all stakeholders. The focus is to bring the power of Online Commerce to the non-English speaking audience. In doing so Megdap wants to create a Technology Platform, Products & Tools that enables real time delivery of content in multiple local languages.

Having worked at Microsoft, the founders have expertise in building and managing large-scale web and mobile products. They have worked over a decade each at Microsoft in creating new markets for Windows and   Office   by developing locally relevant products in multiple Indian, African and Southeast Asian markets, partnering with ISV, Government, Research Agencies and Partners. They bring deep experience in product management, engineering hyper-scale products and in building cutting edge go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Megdap aims to be the trusted Partner for all local language commerce interaction for over 80% of India’s population that speaks local languages.


Meghashyam Karanam

Co-Founder & CEO

Pradeep Parappil

Co-Founder & CTO


"Be the worldwide leader in - enabling the delivery of a personalized customer experience through language technology platform & tools, marketing & business analytics to global customers."

Meet The Team

Megdap has been backed up by a technically competent & experienced in-house team to solve many complex Localization problems. They are a highly motived & passionate young developers willing to go the extra mile to change the way products & brands communicate with their customers, in the language of their choice. They are building language technology to make content localization impeccably simple.

Rahul Menon

Technical Lead

Vijay Dhake

UI Developer

Sarath Menon

Software Engineer